images1On the night of election when at one minute after 8 pm, PDT,  FOX News declared the Obamunist the winner of this contest, I turned my flag upside down in protest,  and hung it outside my front door letting my neighbors know in no uncertain terms that I was NOT happy with a full blown MARXIST winning the top position of this nation. My flag,  that I have used to stand alone on street corners against those touting the Utopian Marxist state and blaspheming this great nation with their “Bush Lied, People Died” stupid slogans!  My flag, that I proudly waved on July 4th and Flag Day!  

It hung there all day yesterday until an obamunist came by my house,  and threw my flag into the bushes. These are the same Blame and Hate Americans who step on that flag,  spit on it, burn it and falsely accuse it.  They have turned that flag into shirts, shorts, dog blankets,  rags to use while they tune up their cars, and they have hung it upside down expressing their opinion on how they think their country is going!  

When a conservative expresses their opinion on how they think their country is going the obamuntz trespass on private property and throw that flag into the bushes like it’s trash!  That flag that men and women, like you and me,  of this nation have bravely served!  

Obamuntz DISREGARD YOUR natural RIGHT to freely express yourself!  They IGNORE that fact that you have a G*D given Right to your opinion on matters that you care about, they are indifferent to the fact that you have a RIGHT to practice your faith.  They NEGLECT to accept that you have a RIGHT to train your children the way you see fit!  

What they do care very much about is them WILLING THEIR POWER OVER YOU!  That’s it!   That’s the single-handed most dangerous aspect to Marxism.  Marxists MUST quiet your mouth, your opinion, your questions, your thoughts, your disagreements!  They must shut you up!  sovietstar

So once again, I have been attacked because of my speech!  My flag is still upside down in a visible place, but where the worshippers of a marxist can’t get to it.  And it will stay there until I DECIDE when I will change my opinion on this matter!