It’s quite unfortunate how Sarah is being treated by the RINOs in the Republican party! However, I am NOT surprised by it at all!

I have said for quite along time that unless we rid the R party of the RINOs we will continue to lose elections. The libs in our party are contemptuous with our Conservative stance and if one can’t see that NOW in how Sarah is being treated by these back stabbing, two-faced creatures on McCain’s EX-campaign then one never will see it!

This election is NO different than any other election I have seen in my state of Wa. Whenever the RINO is running they lose or they barely squeak by! Why, because the RINO theory is that by being inclusive the RINOs can pull dem votes from the left side. Did I say, left? I’m sorry, I meant independent vote because we all know that independent voters aren’t left leaning at all–oh no!

Ninty-Nine percent of the independent vote is left leaning so my question is why would a leftie vote for a half a leftie (RINO) when they can have a full leftie (MARXIST)?

It’s time to push the RINOs out of the R party and have them go to the D party and moderate that party? Why is it that conservatives are ALWAYS asked to moderate their voice? “We must have a big tent,” the RINOS say. “We must be ALL inclusiiivveee.” the lib RINOs spout off!

Why do we have to be all inclusive and let everyone into the R party? WHY??? Because the Conservatives HAVE ALLOWED IT!! We have allowed to have our political belief structure be silenced, diluted, moderated, shoved off to the side, and held in contempt!

When conservatives stand up and we articulate a clear message to the American people they win elections. When Reps. are phony and try to get the left vote they lose. Why is this so hard for most Rs to understand?

Americans time and time again prove they want a CLEAR difference between the two parties and will vote left every time if not given that clear choice!

When Bush was elected and prior to 9-11 he knew the economy was in serious trouble and in stead of sucking it up and letting the economy tank so that the Clintonistas should lay rightful blame for that trouble, Bush time and time again played the left game of stimulus packages, lower interest rates, pork barral spending packages, trying to hang on to what little economy was left.

If he would have let it tank, the recession would be over by now and we wouldn’t be facing a depression! Oh, yeah, Americans, plz prep for a depression because it is coming and we can’t bail our way out of this one! It’s because of corruption and bail outs that we are facing a depression, and who was at the helm when that was perpetrated on the American people? A republican. What corrupt leaders in Congress are responisible for the crash of our economy? Marxists who should be in jail. Why wasn’t an investigation started ASAP? Because Bush didn’t want to appear to be partisan! Well, look at where that has gotten all of us!

Just wait people, this has just begun and Americans are in deep trouble and they don’t even know it yet!

I voted for Bush twice. I was at his first inauguration. I was over joyed that Bush won, but now being in his wake I am understanding the difference between a modern day republican (RINO) and a true Reagan Conservative.

The biggest and most pronounced difference between these two camps is conviction in one’s beliefs. RINOs are taking a rule out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and have basically rammed down the conservative’s throats that we should be ashamed of our “fundamentalist” beliefs such as a “free market is the wrong way to deal with an economy”, or telling us that we can’t have a strict pro-life stance because we won’t get the vote, or if we close the border we are telling the whole hispanic block of voters that they aren’t welcome in the R party! etc. etc. Not only are these all LIES, but how about doing what’s RIGHT FOR AMERICA and her people instead of trying to get as many votes for your RINO party as possible?? Geez, people! What’s more important here?

If we don’t start kicking out the RINOs, embarrassing them, and laying blame on them for the loss of seats all over this country then there is no hope for the R party and effectively America has one party rule which is LEFTIST!

I, for one, will not spend one more minute working for any organization that tells me I should moderate my voice! I’m done with them trying to blame my conservative values for their losses just like that are doing to Sarah right now, but in a evil stealth way of course! Because they are cowards!  God Bless her!

If the conservatives don’t start waking up right now, and coming out of the denial right now about how the Rep. elitists views your political beliefs in the R party, then your voice will be booted out for good, and you might as well join a third party because the R party is done if we don’t get leaders in there who are not ashamed of their Pro-American (and that means CLOSED borders), Pro-life, Pro-Family, and Pro-Free Market voices.

Who says that if we don’t have a big tent, and all inclusive party that we will lose elections? Who are the ones preaching that crap? The RINOs are, not the conservatives! Well, we tried that, and we lost time and time again. Oh, and how close are the Marxist to a super majority? By the way, my state, HAS A SUPER MAJORITY of Dems! Trust me on this one: you won’t like it!

What does that tell you about the RINO mantra? It tells me the RINO radicals diluted the R party and it’s time to shame them out and put them back into the Dem. party where they belong!

In closing, allow me to paraphrase a Rush listener: Next time McCain reaches over the aisle to “work with that party” he needs to find a comfortable seat on that side of the aisle, and sit down and stay there! AMEN BROTHA AMEN!