by Ellis Washington

There never existed any other Government against which treason was so easy, and could defend itself by such plausible arguments as against that of the United States.~ Henry James, “Hawthorne,” Chapter 7 (1879)

The anonymous, treacherous lies McCain’s advisers have been launching against former VP candidate Sarah Palin since the clothing allowance story was leaked several weeks ago is truly reprehensible, but not unexpected. Whenever liberal Republicans and their allies in the Old Media stumble into a true conservative believer, they go right to their Saul Alinsky socialist playbook – conservatives are stupid, naïve, Christian fanatics, sexist, homophobes, racists, hypocrites, etc.

Some of the more memorable slanders and libels include:

* Palin thought that Africa was a country, not a continent;
* Palin didn’t know the countries that signed the NAFTA treaty;
* Palin went overboard in her shopping spree.

What is that sound you hear? No, not a strong denunciation by John McCain in support of Palin …it’s crickets chirping. McCain by his silence is tacitly supporting the hateful slander against Palin. In my opinion, McCain is a bitter, jealous political hack whose days in the spotlight have long past (i.e., his defeat by Bush in 2000). Nevertheless, like Goethe’s “Faust,” McCain made a deal with the devil (RINOs) for one last run. He only made one mistake that would have sealed his immortality with liberals – he picked a conservative running mate.

What vexes me most as a conservative is that there are so many RINOs (Republicans in name only) who irrationally hate conservatives more than they hate the murderous, slavish public policies of liberal Democrats – people who would love to turn the Republican Party into the Whig Party of the 21st century: extinct.

In my search for reasons why Republicans have a predilection to pick the intellectually weakest, stuttering, bumbling, most uninspired candidates (with the exception of Ronald Reagan), I have come to the following conclusions:

1. Advisers, staffers, administrators, counselors or those that work on a candidate’s campaign are essentially administrative hacks, not visionary thinkers. With few exceptions, most of these people are “yes men” and “yes women” who will say and do anything that the politician (their boss) wants them to.
2. Careerists have a problem (or should have a problem) with their conscience. How do you push a politician, an agenda or a political policy that in every respect is not only immoral but unconstitutional and still are able to look at yourself in the mirror the next day?
3. Careerists care little for the Constitution, the rule of law, morals or principle. They care only for their next paycheck and an invitation to the latest Washington, D.C., cocktail party so they can schmooze for their next job – “We the People” be damned!

With these three principles of careerism outlined, in a Machiavellian perverse kind of way, it was predictable that anonymous senior McCain staffers have come out of the woodwork to denigrate and slander Sarah Palin, a virtuous and capable governor of Alaska who was unceremoniously thrown into the lion’s den as VP, took the treacherous abuse from those hired to “help” her and has triumphed to become the de facto leader of the Republican Party and the front runner, should she decide to run, for president in 2012. What a man! (I mean a woman).

Palin was right to refer to these gutless hacks of the McCain campaign as “cowards.” When will the GOP grow a pair and follow her lead?

You may ask, “Ellis, why are these former staffers treating Palin with such vile contempt?” The key word to your question is “former.” Like a cross in the face of a vampire or a dress in the face of Hillary Clinton, the word former anything to the power brokers in Washington, D.C., is a death sentence.

Careerists want to be able to secure employment to work on future campaigns or on current staffs of other politicians. Somebody has to take the blame for the lackluster, incompetent, train wreck of a campaign John McCain and the Republican Party just ran. I mean, with all due respect, Barack Obama destroyed McCain and in many respects the Republican Party. Someone has to pay; certainly not the treasonous careerists, but who?

Throw the girl under the bus. Didn’t Obama do this with his sainted grandmother (God rest her soul), implying that the woman who lovingly raised him all those years in Hawaii was a racist?

I heard defeat in the voice of McCain when he first announced his candidacy. As Rush Limbaugh said, “McCain’s presidential announcement was his concession speech.” Why didn’t McCain announce his candidacy on the Michael Savage show (my favorite), Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin or on the Sean Hannity radio shows? No, no, no. Their tens of millions of listeners per week were not enough for the “Maverick” McCain.

McCain needed a bigger, more diverse audience, so on May 1, 2007, he dragged his stiff, moribund visage to David Letterman’s show to announce his second run for president while at the same time giving the conservative base the middle-finger salute. That’s why conservative intellectual calls this pol “McShame.”

In early March 2008, it was like the GOP leadership went to the back door of Congress to see who was first in line next to the garbage cans and said, “Well, all right, John, it’s your turn (again); let’s dust you off, slap some new dentures in your mouth and send you out there.” By picking McCain over the more polished and qualified Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, I knew the fix was in.

Another careerist, New York Times “conservative” writer David Brooks, appearing on “Face the Nation” last weekend, gleefully characterized the GOP as having no belief system and claiming that since losing the election to Obama, Republicans are engaging in “a circular firing squad.” Yeah, David “Benedict” Brooks, it is a circular firing squad you and your colleagues at the New York [Pravda] Times have enthusiastically helped conduct every day in your op-eds and news reports by constantly denigrating the Republicans and deifying that empty suit and Manchurian Candidate, Barack Obama, a man whom we don’t know for certain is even a legitimate American citizen or an illegal alien!

Well, Mr. Brooks, you and the other RINO careerists out there got your candidate with the help of eight years of the incompetent liberal Republican, President George W. Bush, who systematically spoiled everything Ronald Reagan built over the past 44 years since his famous speech for Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Republican Convention.

Let’s see how long it will be before careerists like David Brooks subject the American public to his hand-wringing, propaganda columns with titles such as: “How did America choose a Marxist for president?” When I read that column on the New York Times, that’s the newspaper issue I will save … to line the bottom of my garbage can.

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