Nov. 14, 2008: Update. Next Tuesday’s meeting of National Iranian American Council, NIAC,  to present their capitulation plan on Iran will begin at 2:30 PM in room 902 of the U.S. Senate Hart building. It is being sponsored by Sen. Thomas Carper (D, DE), who will also give a keynote address, as will Rep. John Tierney (D, MA). NIAC, which is organizing the event, is attempting to prevent Iranian-American activists from attending this meeting, by requiring prior registration. (RSVP to Hormoz Rashidi at or (202) 386-6324).

This is typical for NIAC, and for NIAC president Trita Parsi, who knows that his capitulation policies are deeply unpopular with Iranian-Americans. Parsi has refused to debate with critics such as Hassan Daioleslam or with FDI.

ACTION: Call Sen. Carper’s office: 202-224-2441, and Rep. John Tierney’s office 202-225-8020 using the script below.

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