by Paul Revere

Let’s start with a quote from a prominent world leader, about people that threaten peace in the world:

 “[their] spirit … spreads evil, murder, repression and despotism” 

Think for just a minute about an ideology that spreads evil, murder, repression, and despotism. Must be al-Qaeda, right? Or the Taliban, who last week blinded a coupleschoolgirls walking to school for not having their heads covered properly, right? That’s repression (and nearly murder), isn’t it? This statement has got to be one of those inane Bushisms again, right, inflaming the world and reducing our credibility with a poorly thought out statement that wholesale condemns a “peaceful” religion, right? Certainly it was Sean Hannity who called out Islamic terrorists for what they are, right? If that’s what you thought, you are wrong on all accounts.

The quote is from Al Qaeda’s number 2 man: Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

The “evil” people mentioned are US citizens. That’s YOU.

 The quote was lifted from a video Zawahiri made after Obama was elected, in which he also called Obama a “house negro.” Before the messiah has even taken office they’re already dismissing him as a “yes man” for Israel supporters. Testing is coming indeed.

 This is about YOU.

Zawahiri has his sights set on YOU, and we have to be on constant guard because Islamo Fascism has not gone away,  it has only begun actually, and Osama Bin Laden has assured us that acts bigger than 9/11 are coming.

 It will take every one of use, fully aware of the true nature of Islam’s strictest adherents (and the “mainstream” followers of their dictates here in this country now), to defend our country, stand up and say “no” to the subtle changes Islamists desire, and to keep watch for terrorist incidents everywhere we go. The schoolgirl thing above is the logical end of a few hundred little concessions to Islam’s demands here in the US. In the United Kingdom (in the right neighborhood) this atrocity would have been turned over the local Sharia court. Perhaps the attackers would be exonerated as justified in defending Islam from the gross transgression of being female and showing your face. We already have hints of that here. It has to stop. America’s enemies are (nearly) silently existing everywhere beside us.

 Soon I will feature excerpts from Daniel Pipe’s excellent list of things us ordinary citizens can do to keep our extraordinary country safe from the evil that would annihilate us at their first chance. Sleeper cells are not totally invisible; you just need slightly more awareness. I hope to put a local spin on it that you can use to protect Puget Sound.

 This stuff is tough. You’re probably weary of it. It would be nice to just have Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas break without having to constantly guard against evil. Evil doesn’t take a holiday (although they generally slow down for Ramadan).

 Ignorance is bliss. And deadly to YOU.