by Bob Unruh

A case that challenges President-elect Barack Obama’s name on the 2008 election ballot citing questions over his citizenship has been scheduled for a “conference” at the U.S. Supreme Court.

NC Sez:  This is an interesting development

Conferences are private meetings of the justices at which they review cases and decide which ones to accept for formal review. This case is set for a conference Dec. 5, just 10 days before the Electoral College is scheduled to meet to make formal the election of Obama as the nation’s next president.

NC states:  I have no faith in any branch of government to make the Right choice for America.  The question has been raised and the question must have an answer.

The Supreme Court’s website listed the date for the case brought by Leo C. Donofrio against Nina Wells, the secretary of state in New Jersey, over not only Obama’s name on the 2008 election ballot but those of two others, Sen. John McCain and Roger Calero.

The case, unsuccessful at the state level, had been submitted to Justice David Souter, who rejected it. The case then was resubmitted to Justice Clarence Thomas. The next line on the court’s docket says: “DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008.”

NC exclaims:  I like this guy, Donofrio!  He didn’t give up!  



If four of the nine justices vote to hear the case in full, oral argument may be scheduled.

The action questions whether any of the three candidates is qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that a president be a “natural-born citizen.”

NC Sez:  This is an important question and we know that the obamunist doesn’t give two rips for the Constitution. If he did he would have provided his legitimate birth certificate and shut down this issue months ago!  

According to America’s Right blogger Jeff Schreiber, there also was a development in a second case presented to the Supreme Court on the same issue.

His report said the Federal Election Commission now has waived its right to respond to a complaint brought by attorney Philip Berg.



“There are a number of reasons why the respondents here would choose not to respond. First, because the court only grants between 70 and 120 of the 8,000 or so petitions it receives every year, perhaps they just liked their odds of Berg’s petition getting denied. Second, because they have made arguments as to Berg’s lack of standing several times at the district court level and beyond, perhaps they felt as though any arguments had already been made and were available on the record. Or, perhaps the waiver shows that the FEC and other respondents do not take seriously the allegations put forth by Berg, and did not wish to legitimize the claims with a response,” the blogger speculated.

NC points out: In a postmodern and emotional resolve,  the FEC could be basing their decision on NOT taking the allegations seriously?  Ya ses, this is exactly why this country fails:  the bureaucraps make decisions based on their fears, laziness, lack of intelligence etc.  Scary people,  very scary!  

“Another thing which is not completely clear is whether the FEC is filing for itself or on behalf of all respondents,” he added.

“If it were just the FEC filing the waiver, I must say that I’m surprised,” Berg told America’s Right. “I’m surprised because I think they should take the position that the Supreme Court should grant standing to us. I think they have a responsibility not only to Phil Berg, but to all citizens of this country, to put forth a sense of balance which otherwise doesn’t seem to exist.

NC Sez:  Exactly,  the question has been asked and it needs an answer, not just swept under the rug! 

“However, if this was filed by the FEC on behalf of the DNC and Barack Obama too, it reeks of collusion,” he said, noting that the attorney from the Solicitor General’s office should be representing federal respondents and not the DNC or Obama.

NC Sez:  Amen, my liberal friend!  

But he noted that “questions surrounding this aspect of Obama’s candidacy are seemingly beginning to see the light of day.”

NC wishes:  We could hope I guess, but again, I have no trust in my government anymore!  

Just last week, WND reported on worries over a “constitutional crisis” that could be looming over the issue of Obama’s citizenship.

NC reminds:  We have cause to worry because the obamunist REFUSES to show us his true and legitimate birth certificate (NOT certificate of live birth. It’s obvious he was born–duh!) and until he does that behavior only serves to cause more confusion and concern as it should! 

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others filed a court petition in California asking the secretary of state to refuse to allow the state’s 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office.

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes

The disputes all cite “natural-born citizen” requirement set by the U.S. Constitution.

WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi even traveled to Kenya and Hawaii prior to the election to investigate issues surrounding Obama’s birth. But his research and discoveries only raised more questions.

The biggest question is why Obama, if a Hawaii birth certificate exists as his campaign has stated, simply hasn’t ordered it made available to settle the rumors.

NC points out:  Haven’t you people learned yet that when you are dealign with corrupt and treasonous individuals, I mean groups, that the fact there is a reality doesn’t actually mean you have to admit there is a reality and live like there is a reality?  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that the obamunist is so out of touch with reality that he thinks all he has to do is ignore this question because it will just go away, in his mind?  Giving the fact that most of our government in run by real life fools that he just might be right!  

The governor’s office in Hawaii said there is a valid certificate but rejected requests for access and left ambiguous its origin: Does the certificate on file with the Department of Health indicate a Hawaii birth or was it generated after the Obama family registered a Kenyan birth in Hawaii?

NC States:  The Constitution states that one MUST BE a natural born US Citizen to BE POTUS.  That means if the question arises that you are not a Citizen then you MUST PROVE you are one to hold this office!   Why will he not release his birth certificate?  

Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro, has named two different Hawaii hospitals where Obama could have been born. There have been other allegations that Obama actually was born in Kenya during a time when his father was a British subject.

The California action was filed by Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundationon behalf of Keyes, the presidential candidate of the American Independent Party, along with Wiley S. Drake and Markham Robinson, both California electors.

“Should Senator Obama be discovered, after he takes office, to be ineligible for the Office of President of the United States of America and, thereby, his election declared void, Petitioners, as well as other Americans, will suffer irreparable harm in that (a) usurper will be sitting as the President of the United States, and none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal,” the action challenges.

NC points out: Not to mention that he will have access to state secrets that could harm our country should it be discovered that this flaming marxist is illegal

An Obama spokesman interviewed by WND described such lawsuits as “garbage.”

The popular vote Nov. 4 favored Obama over Sen. John McCain by several percentage points. But because of the distribution of the votes, Obama is projected to take the Electoral College vote, when it is held in December, by a 2-to-1 margin.

NC quizzes:  Now this raises another question:  Do you actually trust our election process anymore with ACORN running around registering tens of thousands of fake voters in key battle ground states? Geez, people you can’t actually believe that this election was really on the up and up! Marxists love that corruption.  It’s the only way they can win.  They certainly can’t win on the truth of what they actually stand for so they MUST redefine every word in the english language and every political philosophy they believe in.  

The California case states, “There is a reasonable and common expectation by the voters that to qualify for the ballot, the individuals running for office must meet minimum qualifications as outlined in the federal and state Constitutions and statutes, and that compliance with those minimum qualifications has been confirmed by the officials overseeing the election process,” the complaint said, when in fact the only documentation currently required is a signed statement from the candidate attesting to those qualifications.

“Since [the secretary of state] has, as its core, the mission of certifying and establishing the validity of the election process, this writ seeks a Court Order barring SOS from certifying the California Electors until documentary proof that Senator Obama is a ‘natural born’ citizen of the United States of America is received by her,” the document said.

“This proof could include items such as his original birth certificate, showing the name of the hospital and the name and the signature of the doctor, all of his passports withimmigration stamps, and verification from the governments where the candidate has resided, verifying that he did not, and does not, hold citizenship of these countries, and any other documents that certify an individual’s citizenship and/or qualification for office.

The “certificate of live birth” posted by the Obama campaign cannot be viewed as authoritative, the case alleges.

“Hawaii Revised Statute 338-178 allows registration of birth in Hawaii for a child that was born outside of Hawaii to parents who, for a year preceding the child’s birth, claimed Hawaii as their place of residence,” the document said. “The only way to know where Senator Obama was actually born is to view Senator Obama’s original birth certificate from 1961 that shows the name of the hospital and the name and signature of the doctor that delivered him.”

The case also raises the circumstances of Obama’s time during his youth in Indonesia, where he was listed as having Indonesian citizenship. Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship, raising the possibility of Obama’s mother having given up his U.S. citizenship.

NC sez:  This question has to be answered.  Did she or didn’t she.  She hated America as most Marxists do so it wouldn’t surprise me if she did give up her American citizenship! 

Any subsequent U.S. citizenship then, the case claims, would be “naturalized,” not “natural-born.”

WND has reported other challenges that have been raised in Ohio, Connecticut, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Hawaii.