NC Quizzes:  Has Horowitz lost his freakin’ marbles???

by David Horowitz

Conservatives need to get a grip. My email box is full of right wing trash talk (sorry, I’m peeved this morning) about Obama’s fake birth certificate, his alleged covert Islamism and Hillary’s scandals. Worse, we were running a frontpage story on this last wild goose until I canned it. 

Conservatives need to get a grip? okay, that sounds original Dave.  

Since not everybody is following me at this point, let’s take them one at a time. First, the birth certificate. Is Obama a legitimate president of the United States? Well, let me put it to you this way: 64 million Americans voted to elect Barack Obama. Do you want to disenfranchise them? Do you think it’s possible to disenfranchise 64 million Americans and keep the country? And please don’t write me about the Constitution. The first principle of the Constitution is that the people are sovereign. What the people say, goes. If you think about it, I think you will agree that a two-year billion dollar election through all 50 states is as authoritative a verdict on anything as we are likely to get. Barack Obama is our president. Get used to it.

I can’t believe it!   Let me get this straight:  Obama wipes his butt with the Constitution which creates the very office Obama seeks to commandeer, and let me remind you–men died for,  and we are suppose to choose peace over not offending 64 million people who were hypnotized into voting for this 2-bit lawyer with no experience using Saul Alinksy tactics who consorts with anti-American terrorists?  Peace no matter what?  Is that what you’re saying,  Horowitz?  I guess if Obama was 18 and got 64 million votes it shouldn’t matter,  right? That’s what you’re arguing!  

And what could conservatives be thinking when they push this issue as though it were important (as The American Thinker did last week)? Do we want to go challenging the legitimacy of an election that involved 120 million voters?

I can’t believe what I’m hearing Horowitz saying here!  If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.  PERIOD!  What’s more important?  Our Constitution or a lie and the end result of someone being offended?  I thought Presidents were the Chief Law Enforcers?  Not the Chief Law Breakers.  

Have we become deranged leftists like Al Gore who would attack the one binding thread that makes us a nation despite our differences?

What is this binding thread? If it’s not the Constitution,  then what is it?  It sure isn’t the Bill of Rights anymore because we have passed laws threatening fines and jail time for those who say the wrong thing, forgive me, I mean think the wrong thing! 

The mystique of elections is the American covenant.

No it isn’t David Horowitz!!!  You ought to know better than that.  We aren’t stupid,  and majority rule is not the binding thread!!  What the hell are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?  You will not find the word Democracy,  NOT ONCE,  in any founding document.

I will not “just get over” seeing the violation of that document,  not for Obama, not for your fear of civil war, not for fear of a secession, not anything!  

Respect it. Barack Obama is the president of the United States. Get used to it.

He is NOT the president of these united States UNTIL those electors vote,  and that will happen after the Supreme Court ensures that he is QUALIFIED to take that seat!  We now have to take this route since the DNC and the media REFUSED to vet him properly by asking tough questions and doing their homework.  Did you ask the tough questions, Horowitz?  If so, what answers did you get back?  crickets chirping

I’m not even going to go into the Hussein idiocy. Obama spent 20 years in Reverend Wright’s Trinity Church. There is much that was wrong with that, but being a Muslim isn’t one of them.

Not to you maybe, but it is something to the muzzies of the world.  I have a question for you Dave,  what would you be called if you had a muzzie daddy,  and went to a muzzie school,  and then just decided you weren’t muzzie anymore?  Would Islam just release you from your obligation with the snap of a finger?  

And the Hillary thing. Get real. Please. Obama was elected in large part by a leftist crusade for hope and CHANGE. Now, as president-elect he has just formed the most conservative foreign policy team since John F. Kennedy, one well to the right of Bill Clinton. Where is your gratitude for that? What is more relevant in his Hillary Clinton pick — her prickly past or the fact that except for Joe Lieberman, she is the Democrat most identified with support for the Iraq War? 

Oh, yes, Hill can be so trusted!  The socialized health care queen. How about Daschel,  Mr. Pro-abort himself, and Rahm baby!  Yeah, he’s great. We’ll see how this so called conservative team works out.  
Perhaps I should repeat that. Hillary Clinton is the Democrat MOST IDENTIFIED WITH REMOVING SADDAM HUSSEIN BY FORCE. She lost a presidency over it. So whatever low opinion you may have about Hillary, on foreign policy she is the very best choice for that position that conservatives could expect to get. Even better, because the ONLY issue that really divided Hillary and Obama was the Iraq War. So this is President Obama’s way of saying, ok now that I’m in office I’m going to put my anti-war commitments aside and put the defense of the country first. And in case you didn’t get that, I’m going to keep George Bush’s Secretary of Defense in place, and I’m going to appoint a conservative Marine general as my National Security Advisor.

This is like smoking the bees to pacify them,  David.  Horowitz, none of this matters if he is unqualified to serve because he is an illegal.  He knows the conservatives are hot on his trail and can it be that he thinks this is the way to quiet us down?  
Maybe some conservatives out there have forgotten, but Clinton’s Secretary of Defense Les Aspin was an anti-Vietnam activist. So were his two National Security Advisers, Tony Lake and Sandy Berger. In fact they met Clinton in the anti-war movement. Conservatives should be cheering right now, not chasing red herrings.

And let me remind you David, that Obama’s campaign started in Bill Ayer’s living room. Remember Bill Ayers? Domestic terrorist?  Let’s see,  anti-war activists verses actual domestic terrorists–What weighs heavier in the balance, David?

You are blaming conservatives for what is going on right now. This is not the fault of conservatives, it is solely the fault of Obama and Obama alone, NOT conservatives. It’s not even his enabler’s fault.

 If he would produce the original genuine vault certificate of his birth all of this would go away.  The fact that he hasn’t should alarm the crap out of you. The fact that he spent one million dollars hiding it should alarm you. The fact that he went to Hawaii to get it selaed should send shivers up and down your spine.  The fact that the certification on the factcheck website is a forgery should send you to the sheriff’s office seeking a warrant for his arrest because it is a felony.

What about the passport he used when he illegally went to Pakistan?  How about the fact that he was in Kenya trying to over throw a legally held political seat filled with a pro-american for his cousin Odinga the Marxist and Islamic sympathizer.  What about the fact that his draft registration is a forgery, another felony?  

But instead, you blame the conservatives.  Obama is to blame and only him!    Not the conservatives who care for our American fabric, and culture, our Constitution,  and understand what it means to have an unbending SPINE!  Don’t you dare give this blame-shifting narcissist a pass on these critical constitutional questions!  Don’t make excuses,  and don’t brush it off!  

I understand your motive for wanting to shift blame.  You want to avoid a civil war,  but it doesn’t work that way!  You want to keep the peace, but at what price and for how long?  There is only one way to make it go away,  and only Obama can make it happen. If he refuses,  I am resisting him, I will never acknowledge him as a legitimate president as he has wiped his ass with a document MY forefathers shed their blood,  and let me repeat,  the document that actually creates the seat he desires at all costs!  

Your forefathers may not have shed their blood for our Independence,  but I have family members who died for this country!   But who cares right?  Anything for peace!   

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.  ~  Ben Franklin