Braying Asstika

Braying Asstika

by Jefferson Paine

Who imagined the vaunted, magically enlightened social movement of Hopenchange would turn out, in essence, to be just a sort of magic performance?

While the Obama campaign mantra maintained the notion that hiring John McCain would constitute the third term of G.W. Bush, they expertly redirected the audience’s mesmerized gaze away from the fact that hiring it would constitute the second coming of the Clinton Administration.

As Obama begins to stretch his fledgling wings high atop the ‘Office of President-elect’, and fills out his administration’s cabinet, who knew it would become chock full of once-soaring Clintonista retreads – not to mention the supporting hacks, flacks, busy-bees and wannabe’s.  Oh, but then there’s the continuation of Sec. of Defense Gates, and the appointment of ostensible war-monger James Jones as national security advisor – right-wingers both!

What the heck kind of hardcore Progressive change is this?!  Oh, how Hopeful – We can now complete the campaign slogan fragment: Yes, We Can [..?].

Yes, we can.. endure Clinton’s third term by loading my Cabinet with 85% Clintonista retreads!!

Now that it’s completely transparent, as Obama makes everything up as he goes along, it’s kind of fun to watch him pull another stuffed rabbit out of his hat every other day or so.

But, what other tricks does he have up his sleeve at this point, and how polished will his tricks continue to be?   Stay tuned…

A Challenge for Hardcore Leftists out there:  Question: Now that the campaign is over, and Bill Clinton will be smuggling things in and out of the back door over at the State Department, what will the messianic Obammasiah actually accomplish during his first term in the White House? Please give the top six (6) items that Obama will actually accomplish:







Allow me to help prime the pump – you may use any of these suggestions supplemented by your keen Leftist insights into Obama’s forthcoming major accomplishments. (and, please feel free to add any qualifications/conditions necessary to support your prognostications of The One)

  • a) He’ll finally get Pelosi and Reid to impeach Bush!
  • b) He’ll end the U.S. “illegal” military engagements “immediately”, and bring all troops home
  • c) He’ll finally fix the Israeli “mess” – which all recent Presidents have continually botched
  • d) He’ll stick it to the Rich, and give us all a big tax “refund” (to ‘stimulate’ the economy)
  • e) He’ll bring fantastic new energy sources on line and solve our energy dependence
  • f) He’ll finally stop messing around and seal our national borders!
  • g) He’ll give each and every one of us ObamaCare – or at least implement HillaryCare
  • h) He’ll make sure that each and every one of us has a home and a good, stable job
  • i) He’ll follow the U.S. Constitution at every turn
  • j) He’ll do whatever it takes, illegal if necessary, to keep us all “safe” from bad stuff
  • k) He’ll eliminate the out-of-control deficit spending and corruption, and downsize Big Guv.

Extra Credit Quiz for Hardcore Leftists:

  • I.) What exactly is “wealth”, and where does it come from?
  • II.) Is there really such thing as a “Free Lunch”? Explain.
  • III.) Can Big Daddy government really suspend the Laws of Economics via legislation?
  • IV.) Why should innocent Citizens be forced (by Big Daddy) to help pay for someone’s un-affordable mortgage payment, so that the irresponsible party may stay in “their” home?
  • V.) Where does “Money” actually come from? What’s the downside of just “making more”?
  • VI.) Please explain the emerging, burgeoning branches of Keynesian Economics, namely (a) Robbin’ Hood Economics, vs. (b) Ali Baba (and the 40 Weasels) Economics?
  • VII.) Please explain how one group of Citizens, via coercion, seizing and spending the wealth from another group of Citizens to be lavished upon a third group, constitutes a fair and sustainable economic system? And upon what moral and legal authority is this sanctified?