by Khalim


As a staunch supporter of the Constitution, which expressly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…,” I am embarrassed by many of my countrymen who are bending over backwards to accommodate radical Muslims by installing religious ritualistic devices in public places.

As a Muslim, I am embarrassed, as well, by many of my co-religionists who attempt to impose their radical religious agenda on American society by installing the same ritualistic devices in these same public places.

As an American Muslim, I am personally offended when I read about footbaths on public property, i.e., municipal airports, state colleges, etc. I think that the best way to combat these blatant Constitutional violations is by turning the aforementioned footbaths into urinals.

Our government seems to have neither brains nor balls to combat the advance of stealth Gihad, but I believe that American people are smart enough and courageous enough to handle the threat of Sharia.

I am asking every American patriot to place this (see image) or similar note above every footbath located on public property, then take a picture and email it to us at INFO at REFORMISLAM.ORG.

Khalim Massoud
Muslims Against Sharia

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