It's Called Christmas, Pal!

It's Called Christmas, Pal!

by –ThoughtRogue

Yes, once again our uber-enlightened Governor, here in the Soviet of Washington, has sanctified the Atheist’s war on Christmas (not to mention Christianity) by allowing a large plaque to be displayed right next to a nativity scene in the state Capitol’s rotunda.  Under the guise of “free speech” and “equal public access”, our esteemed rulers somehow miss the fact that the Atheists’ “display” has no symbolism supporting their own belief system, but is rather an overt attack upon other citizens’ religion and their beliefs.

Would the state find it acceptable for a scorching display by the Anti-Negro Communionto make their symbolic claim that all people of darker skin shall burn in the Lake of Fire this Christmas season – as a simple expression of their faith?  How about the KKK?  Somehow, I don’t think free speech, or free exercise of religion, or anything else would justify this display in our Capitol’s rotunda.  Has anyone ever tried to hold a rational conversation or ‘debate’ with a so-called “Atheist” [Anti-theist]??  Good Luck.

BTW – Their rant calls for “reason” to prevail “this season of the Winter Solstice”?  Huh?  Last time I checked, the winter solstice was a singular point in time – not an entire “season” conveniently coinciding with the bashing of Christians while they celebrate the birth of their spiritual Savior.  Second, wasn’t the worship of annual celestial events the traditional domain of fairies, nymphs, pagans, and assorted shamans – surely not by the high-brow high priests of the Atheist’s own “religion”?