My compatriot VelvetHammer has awarded this blogger the Blog Destemido–Fearless Blogger Award.


Fearless Blogger Award

This is an award which is given to people who are not fearful of the consequences of blogging and who are fighting for their countries.

  • The rules are:
  • firstly, to accept the award;
  • secondly, to name the bloggers he/she is awarding it to;
  • and thirdly, to display the banner in a prominent place of his/her blog).

I humbly accept this award.  There are many bloggers out there who are fearless, and brave warriors for their Country.   I want to award two such bloggers:

Always on Watch because she stood by me,  and stood up to Blog Talk Radio when they censored me.  She, too has a BTR show.  That takes bravery and she could have suffered her own consequences for  her outspoken rebuke of BTR.   Furthermore, she didn’t know me from a hill of beans,  so not only did she stand up for me,  she stood up for a complete stranger. I am forever grateful for her courage and kindness.


and Doctor Bulldog for his unending supply of energy for fighting for what is RIGHT for this Country.  Yes, there is a Right and it isn’t how you feel! I also want to acknowledge Dog’s kindness for coming along side me in my political lynching at BTR.  Again, this compatriot stood next to a stranger he owed nothing to; he did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do.  He stood up for the Principle of Free Speech which this Nation used to stand for no matter what, thus,  I am forever grateful to him.  Since then we have become fast friends and fighting warriors.

Velvet Hammer, BullDog and Always on Watch:  You are great Americans!