by Debbie Schlussel

A federal source of mine with ties to Chicago says that FBI agents had enough to prosecute corrupt, helmet-haired Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich back in June, when he was already engaged in some of the blackmail and extortion alleged by the FBI affidavit and other documents associated with his arrest and prosecution.

The source says that the FBI was suddenly ordered by the U.S. Attorney’s Office–and I believe that order came from the top, ie., U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and Justice Department officials in Washington–to hold off on doing anything until after the election, so as not to hurt Obama’s White House bid. Here’s what my inside source says.

I know for a fact FBI Chicago had enough to indict Blagojevich in June. They were 2 weeks from indictment in June based on cooperation and testimony at the Stu Levine trial. Levine was Tony Rezko’s bud, fund raiser for Blago, and our President-Elect.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald: He Protected Them

I wonder what took them so long? My guess is when it started to look like a lock for Obama’s nomination by the Dems, someone at the U.S. Attorney’s Office put it all on hold, so as not to spoil “The Annointed One’s” shot.

Don’t forget how Fitzgerald treated Lewis “Scooter” Libby in going after him (the guy who wasn’t even the source of the leak, and the liberal source of the leak, Richard Armitage wasn’t even scratched). Compare that with this kid gloves treatment of Obamessiah.

Frankly, it’s obvious that Obama knew of the “sale” of the Senate seat. He acknowledged he knew of the “sale,” and “we turned it down.” And I believe he knew far more than he’s letting on.

But as an attorney and officer of the court, he had a duty to report it to authorities or be vulnerable to an attack on his law license with the Illinois State Bar, of which he’s a member.

And it appears, he did not report this to authorities. So, who will be the first to file a grievance against attorney Barack Obama with the appropriate Illinois authorities? Remember, there’s precedent for something like this. There was that certain Democrat President who lost his law license over lying under oath. ‘Memba him?

Have at it.