“The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.” –Samuel Adams

NC States to SCOTUS:

One of these days, you, JUSTICES seated on the highest Bench of this Land,  will ignore the American people one too many times! We have a RIGHT to know AND it’s our DUTY to ask and it’s YOUR DUTY to INTERPRET NOT IGNORE!
You have failed us, as have the Congress Critters, and the Executive branch of OUR government.  The American people have NO CONFIDENCE in their government anymore! Our government is corrupt & it’s time for TERM LIMITS to control corruption.  It’s time to replace the entire government, physically if need be, and replace them with PRO-CONSTITUTIONAL MEN OF SOUND, MORAL CHARACTER! Our Constitution IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN an evolving document!   It is what it is! PERIOD! And YOU “Hate America Firsters” DO NOT get to pick & choose which part you will OBEY!
We the People have had it with you power hungry, and corrupt liars taking over our culture,  and our country,  and OUR Constitution!  It’s time for you to either remove yourselves from this country,  and go back to COOBA, CHINA, or NORTH KOREA where you belong, to build your Utopian Wurker’s Paradise there,  OR BE REMOVED!
Option B: Return to recognizing that the Constitution will be obeyed even if it means you don’t feel good about it!