Paul Revere sez:  This is SO important on a local level, because the kinds of encroachment on freedom that Muslims seek to incrementally impose on the world are subtly being worked in to the American fabric of life … and we usually let them do it on the basis of being “tolerant.” Tolerance of extremist ideology is idiocy. Take this lesson from Great Britain’s failure to stand up against Islamo-Fascism, and do not let it happen here. When you see small attempts at getting schools, businesses, and finance to bow down to the Islamic way, make a move for preservation of freedom and say “NO!” These are not “little” things that we can ignore. Each concession is another step into slavery. Enough is enough. Read my comments in red.

by Damien Thompson

Britain’s Muslim schools have been sharply criticised in a controversial draft report commissioned by a leading think tank which suggests that over 60 per cent of them are linked to potentially dangerous Islamic fundamentalists.

PR Sez:  It’s only “controversial” because Muslims would rather not have that information get out. The percentage is probably similar here in the United States.

An early version of the report, entitled When Worlds Collide, alleges that of the 133 Muslim primary and secondary schools it surveyed, 82 (61.6 per cent) have connections or direct affiliations to fundamentalists. The 133 schools are in the private sector but supposedly subject to Ofsted inspection.

PR Sez: After an “inspection,” does anyone have the courage to stand up to the (large) Islamic community in Britain and say, “you can’t teach this!” Probably not. The irony of this article is, although it’s alarming, it is likely that nothing will be done about it. Non-Muslim British citizens have truly proclaimed their  dhimmi status, and really they have given up. Eurabia (under Islamic rule) is right around the corner.

The report also claims that some of these schools teach “repugnant” beliefs about the wickedness of Western society and Jews.

PR Sez: If a private Christian school or Jewish school taught about the “repugnant” beliefs of the wickedness of Muslim society, how fast would that school be closed? This has already shown up in America. Keep a local eye out for the double standard, and say a strong “no” when it happens in your neighborhood.

The claims in the report, written by Denis MacEoin in response to a commission from Civitas, will provoke ritual cries of “Islamophobia” from the Muslim Council of Britain and fellow travellers such as Koran Armstrong. MacEoin has been careful to back up his claims with evidence – in particular, screen captures of links to Islamic hate-mongers, including supporters of Al-Qaeda.

PR Asks:  Is it “Islamophobic” to fear those who wish to destroy Western civilization, as we know it, replace it with sharia law, and jail or kill those who disagree? No, it is common sense to guard against the tiny steps that take us backward to 7th century tribalism. Can you say “Taliban”?  They just blew up 14 schoolchildren! And there is no Muslim outcry against it.

Civitas, however, is not prepared to endorse MacEoin’s 61.6 per cent figure, which will not appear in the published version of When Worlds Collide. A spokesman for Civitas explains: “We want to concentrate on claims that are absolutely robust, rather than complicated material, some of it in Arabic, that might unjustly damage someone’s reputation.”

PR states: We mustn’t tarnish Islamo-Fascism’s pristine image.

Perhaps the most alarming finding of the draft I’ve seen is that so many of these schools (including ones with no connections to political extremism) are bricking up their pupils behind a wall of Koranic injunctions and Sharia law.

PR exclaims: REALLY? Islamic students are being isolated against the eeeevils of the Kaffurs outiside school walls? I’m SHOCKED!

The schools known as Darul Ulooms, which base their curriculum on a seventeenth-century Indian teaching system, include very few secular subjects, claims the report. It says: “Their aim is not to prepare pupils for life in the wider world, but to give them the tools for a more limited existence inside the Muslim enclaves.”

PR Sez: Again, if Christian schools or Jewish schools taught hardly any readin’ writin’ and ‘rithmatic, and forced students to only memorize the Bible or the Torah, how fast would that school be closed down? News crews couldn’t get there fast enough to see the doors slam shut. Will it be stopped in the UK? Probably not. What they’re teaching here is Islamic indoctrination.   See this startling example of the typical brainwashing that occurs in a madrassa.

The consequences for bright Muslim British girls are absolutely dire. Lively intellects are being destroyed and brilliant careers cut off before they can begin. To quote the report again: “Every year, an incalculable number of Muslim teenagers and young women are lost to the wider world that informs their citizenship.”

PR Sez: If you want to make concessions to Islamic sharia law, remember that women are only regarded for their child-making potential. Dreams? Education? Who needs that? You just need to shut up, obey your husband, and make babies. Lots of Muslim babies.

The numbers are increasing fast, and there is confusion over how many schools exist. The growth of non-Muslim schools, says MacEoin, is “hugely overshadowed by a rapidly growing sector of Muslim institutions. These now number 127 [sic] full-time schools and an estimated 700 part-time madrassas for intense religious instruction [and that doesn’t include the Darul Uloom seminaries] … Many recreate in the UK the style and content of schooling that can be found in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.”

PR States: Great. And we all know the “intense religious instruction” of the schools in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India set the standard in worldwide quality education.

And all this is happening with the implicit consent of the Government, Ofsted – and Christian leaders, who bang on about the threat to “faith schools” (and, in the case of R. Williams, the virtues of Sharia) while shielding their eyes from the evidence that many Muslim faith schools are poisonously anti-Christian.

PR asks: Who cares? We’re being tolerant to those who want to wipe out Western civilization, and that’s what’s important. With a smug PC smile on our face, we will concede to our death!

I’ve seen many of the extremely damaging screen grabs on which MacEoin bases his claims. Memo to the Muslim Council of Britain: start lining up irate spokesmen now.

PR states: Like the Muslim Council needs any excuse to be irate. It’s what they do. At every turn they claim “victim” so appeasers will give them more leeway. And usually they get what they want, because the government (and Christians) are branded as “haters” if they don’t give in. Then they breed more antisocial hatred of “The West” in their schools and mosques, gain more ground, and claim “victim” again. Each step gets them closer to Londonistan.

Take the Islamic threat seriously. The Qur’an dictates the world must submit. The Qur’an dictates Islam can be advanced at any cost. Don’t fall for it in your neighborhood. The dire consequences of hundreds of these “small” concessions have played out for us in the U.K.  Don’t allow Britain’s mistakes to happen in the United States of America.