NC reminds:  Before you hamas supporters start whining about what’s happening to poor little old gaza, just remember it’s obvious that even allah (MHBIHF) is supporting the ass whoppin’ hamas is getting right now!

by Gil Ronen

( Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency/ISA) chief Yuval Diskin told the government Sunday that “there are initial signs that Hamas is becoming less intransigent about the possible ceasefire.”

“Their leadership is under heavy pressure and wants the Israeli operation halted, while looking for an honorable exit that will not humiliate them,” he told the ministers in the weekly cabinet session.

NC Scoffs:  That’s all these Arabs care about–not being humiliated while they hate humanity and will do everything possibel to humilate everyone who isn’t them!

The session, which is normally held in Jerusalem, was held in Tel Aviv, in the military-government complex known as Hakirya.

Hamas leaders under pressure
“There is a willingness on the part of Hamas to reach an accomodation,” Diskin said. “The Hamas leadership abroad and in Gaza is under pressure and is acting to achieve a ceasefire,” he explained. “It is disappointed with the Arab countries which are not standing by its side.”

“Everything Hamas has created in Gaza is under real threat and its leadership feels an existential danger,” he added.

NC sez:  Everything Hamas has created in Gaza is under real threat?  Perhaps the Hamas leadership  shouldn’t have decided to fire over 8000 rockets into Israel to destroy what Israel created in their land?  Perhaps, Hamas ought to stop caring more about being humilated,  and shown up for the fools they are and feed their people rather than firing 8000 rockets into Israel’s schools, playgrounds, markets and neighborhoods!  Perhaps Hamas ought to stop telling the world they are going to drive Israel into the sea when they can’t even protect their own Fakeistan!

Close range urban fighting
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said that more than 400 Arabs, most of them Hamas terrorists, have been killed in Operation Cast Lead so far. “Not much is left of the Hamas government,” he said.

NC Applauds:  It’s about time Israel took the gloves off!  Hamas needs to be driven into the sea never to rear its demon faces again!  THEN those “innocent” civilians might have a chance for a real life!

The fighting between the IDF and Hamas is mostly being carried out at close range and in urban settings, where Hamas prefers to engage the IDF.

Military Intelligence Chief Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin told the cabinet that “Hamas understands that it made a strategic mistake in violating the ‘calm.’ It has been dealt a serious blow,” he said.

NC Sez; If there are any hamas leaders standing and breathing, then Israel hasn’t done enough!

“Dozens of command posts have been hit, ammunition depots and [weapon] production infrastructure have been destroyed,” Yadlin continued. “The ability to smuggle through tunnels has been impaired. The group’s leaders are busy taking care of themselves. Hamas finds itself hated and isolated.”

NC sez:  yes, hamas is hated and isolated because they are evil!  They don’t care for humanity and those Arabs living in the Gaza Strip ought to do themselves a favor and move in in their lives making their own way instead of blaming Israel and America for their woes.  The blame fits squarely on the shoulders of hamas and those complaining!

Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen said 600 Arabs had been arrested within Israel over the past week, and 230 are still behind bars in connection with violent demonstrations against the Gaza operation. 50 police officers were injured in the rioting by Arab citizens of Israel.