by Paul Revere

Heavenly Armageddon

Heavenly Armageddon

It’s not economics; they don’t do it because they’re impoverished.

It’s not opportunity; they don’t do it because they can’t attend the university.

It’s their ideology, and this is the great chasm of misunderstanding that the west needs to know.


Hitler didn’t stomp on all his neighbors and kill millions because German people lacked money or opportunity (even though they lacked both after WWI). He did it because his worldview told him to rid the world of Jews, and he said or did whatever it took to accomplish that goal. Islam’s ideology – at its core, written about hundreds of times in its holy book – mandates conquering the world for Allah, and subjugating or killing kuffars (unbelievers), especially Jews and Christians (who are specifically mentioned in the Qur’an). Islamic leaders have said it. Until they discovered oil, they had no way to really move jihad to a worldwide level. Now they do. We just ignore it, because from our Western point of view, “no religious group could be that outta whack, could they?” Yes, they can. And they don’t even hide it. There are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. We just prefer not to hear it.


Check this out: this is in America.


“Go to Hell! Go to Hell! Go to Hell!”

“Nuke Israel! There is no Israel!”
”You need a big oven, that’s what you need!”

“Allahu Akbar.” (Allah is great). “Allahu Akbar.” “Allahu Akbar.” “Allahu Akbar.”


As it ramped up, and the Muslims moved across to confront the small pro-Israel counter protestors, a bystander can be heard saying, “Violent. They’re so violent!”

Yep, they certainly are. And they are not “extremists,” they’re just extolling the “virtues” promulgated in the Qur’an. Read it for yourself.


Mark Steyn has written another excellent and witty article (click to read). It is a must read for you, and a must forward to Westerners that still don’t get it.


The facts presented in the article provide excellent talking points for you to share.

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