mo-HAMM-ad = submission or death to you!

mo-HAMM-ad = submission or death to you!

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yes kill them all after all they were the ones who came and settled in this region  in 1930 and they are the ones who are funded by the biggest companies in the world and they are the ones who claimed billoin of dollars for getting burnt by the nazis although that may never had happened the best thing is to burn them up with phosphorus so that they find out how is it to burn in hell and post it as conventional war


This comment does originate from Australia which means that Australia  is, or will soon face it’s own problem with the imperialist political system of Islam.  As a reminder to my readers, Islam IS NOT and never has been a religion of peace, but in fact Islam is a political system that has a religion, and a legal system.  Do not be confused by that fact.  

In America, we have a Republic form of government, confined within three branches of government spelled out in our Constitution.  Our people have various faiths that are important to them. There is NOT one faith that controls the legal or political system in this country.  

Compare that system to islam which IS the political system spelled out in their koran.  The koran tells its followers that there are two camps of people on planet earth:  Muslims and non-muslims.  There is one way to treat a muslim and that is different than how a muslim is to treat a non-muslim, aka kafir.  This is called a dual system.

If you go here and scroll down to the comments you will find several comments quoting suras aka verses, for lack of a better known term, commanded by mo-HAMM-ad (MHFIHF) on how to deal with non-muslims!    These suras ARE NOT  based on the Golden Rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

Please read those suras (scroll to the very bottom and they are the last four or five comments under No Compromise) and after you have read them and the comment above take the poll below.  

Here is another question for you to ponder and comment on if you choose:  

Would you and your family rather be governed by those who follow the Golden Rule, or by those who follow Mohammad’s Rules?  

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