to Bonfire for facing me down the right path!

to Bonfire for facing me down the right path!


We have exciting news here at No Compromise HQ World Net Daily,  the famous Conservative news site gave a shout out mention to No Compromise Radio for the scooping of the Monica Ramos break in story!

We reported and interviewed Monica Ramos, the wife of in prisoned border patrol agent, Ignacios Ramos, on the break in at their home in Arizona.

January 3rd, someone broke into their home vandalizing their property and then busting the gas lines in the home.  Mrs. Ramos suspects that the gas was spewing into the home for about 48 hours.

When they arrived at home,  her eldest son was the first to arrive to the front door.  When he opened the door he smelled the strong odor of gas,  and told his family to get away from the home quickly! He bravely entered the home and opened windows,  and turned off the gas.  It is apparent that this brave young man gets his bravery from his parents.

Please remember to fax President Bush voicing your demands that he pardon political prisoners,  Ramos and Compeon.

Please go here to send a $7.95 fax to Bush!  It’s easy!

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