Don't you Feel Safe Now?

Don't you Feel Safe Now?

Go to your local Emergency Center established on a military base.  HR 645, known as the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act sponsored by Rep. Hastings, will create and ” provide temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due an emergency or major disaster,”  to the tune of 180 million the first year.

Take a read for yourself and let me know what you think of this bill!  I am not sure I want to place the security and sustenance of my family in the hands of Big Bubby!  America has always had natural disasters and Americans, being as resourceful as they are,  have always gotten through it.  Why would we need the government to set up “camps” to take care of us now?  Why not leave these issues in our hands?

At the end of World War I, America suffered through during the third greatest plague in the history of mankind taking over 21 million lives world wide. It was known as the Spanish Flu of 1918, where about 550,000 Americans died in a 16 week period.  We got through it without “camps” based on military bases!

Do not forget that it was the military service men and women who suffered the worse during this pandemic because they were locked on a military base in such close and contagious quarters!

World War II, FDR set up “camps” on military bases to  provide “temporary housing, and medical,” to Americans of Japanese descent.  We’re still screaming about that!

DO NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.  If I were you,  I would remember how the Katrina disaster was dealt with by FEMA and then prep your own family!  You are ultimately responsible for your own life, and not big bubby!  Then call your representatives and demand they vote NO on this potentially disastrous bill that can seriously infringe on your Rights and Freedoms.