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Don't Miss No Compromise Radio!

Don't Miss No Compromise Radio!


February 12,  2009,  6:00 pm west coast time

Call In Number is 646-200-4641

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Author of Tea with Terrorists, Prophet of Doom,  and Yada YHVH, A Conversation with God,  is my guest tomorrow night at 6 pm!  All of these books are free and down loadable on his Prophet of Doom website.

We will be discussing End Time Events and where planet earth is on the prophetic calender. 


We are in the end times, but where are we on this prophetic calender?  Are we allowed to know when Yeshua Ha Mashiach comes back for us?  The answer is yes, we are allowed to know when Yeshua comes back and Scripture reveals this truth if you are ready to hear it!  I know we have all been taught that we aren’t allowed to know such things, but this is exactly why you can’t miss this show! What you will hear will separate the wheat, the Body of Christ, from the chaff, religious institutions, and their controlling dogmas! Finally, how does Islam play into end time events?