by Roy Beck from NUMBERSUSA

All protections for U.S. workers were stripped from the Stimulus Bill. Illegal aliens can be hired at the same rate as usual.

House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid and the Obama White House were absolutely certain about one thing for the House/Senate negotiating committee on the Stimulus Bill:

There was to be no special restriction to keep illegal aliens from getting new jobs created by the bill at a cost of $250,000 to $500,000 each.

If you are unemployed, this must make you all warm & fuzzy right now!

If you are unemployed, this must make you all warm & fuzzy right now!

The Democratic leadership of our federal government made it clear that there has been no change from eight years of a Republican White House that let the Chamber of Commerce call the shots on immigration.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce exactly what it wanted — freedom for unscruplous businesses to continue to hire illegal aliens at the same rate as in the past, and to use the hundreds of billions of Stimulus dollars to do it.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama also made sure that banks can continue to discriminate against Americans in favor of cheaper more compliant foreign workers.

The pro-illegal-alien Stimulus Bill will now go back to the Senate and House where it is expected to pass.

The only way this type of anti-American-worker, closed-door autocracy is going to be stopped is if all of you reading this do everything possible to spread this story so that all Americans know what happened. If you don’t spread it, they won’t know because the mainstream media thus far have blacked out the news.

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