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Money Stains Austere Temples

Money Stains Austere Temples

Obama Administration cabinet-position vetters have gone to the well for a third chance to find a candidate for Commerce Secretary – but unlike the drummer of Spinal Tap fame, will he go the distance, or is he unfortunately destined to meet his untimely demise as have both of his predecessors??


 Just who did these geniuses come up with this time, but Gary Locke?  We here, who are held captive in the Soviet of Washington (State) are fortunately intimately acquainted with Mr. Locke’s parochial and slick command of leftist-cabal politics.  You’d think after the untimely demise of Richardson and Gregg, that the Faux-bama apparatchiks would select someone who is squeaky clean – yet then they tap Gary “Grid-” Locke of shady-Chinese connections, and Buddhist temple fund raising fame.

Will the Locke-nomination dreadnought successfully shovel ever more into its boilers, or will it mysteriously, spontaneously combust?   Stay tuned..