by Daniel González

American Hero, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

American Hero, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

NC Sez: Why doesn’t it surprise me that the Marxists, who are now in power, are going after a successful American hero who understands that threat of illegal immigration taking over his state!  This is just the start of other situations, we true Americans, will witness in this country!  Watch out for actions like WACO and Ruby Ridge to take place under the banner of hopenchange!!  Shame on the Justice Department!

The U.S.  Justice Department has launched a civil-rights investigation of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office after months of mounting complaints that deputies are discriminating in their enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Officials from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division notified Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Tuesday that they had begun the investigation, which will focus on whether deputies are engaging in “patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures.”

NC Points outs:  “patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices” is code for “You’re too successful in combating the drug war against America and we, Marxists, have to put a Ka-bash on that!

An expert said it is the department’s first civil-rights probe related to immigration enforcement.

NC Sez: Civil rights probe on illegals?  Yeah right!  They have no snivel rights in this country! 

Arpaio vehemently denies that deputies are illegally profiling as part of his immigration crackdowns. He said Tuesday that he welcomes the investigation and intends to cooperate fully.

NC Laughs:  “profiling? OMG!  Say it isn’t so.  We can’t profile that would mean we would catch more bad boys! 

“We have nothing to hide,” he said.

Although Arpaio’s illegal-immigration crackdowns have broad public support, they also have led to calls for an examination of his tactics.

NC Points out:  Yeah, calls from marxists,  not private citizens who pay for all of these tax paid salaries! 

Last year, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon asked for a federal investigation of possible civil-rights abuses. Last month, four key Democratic members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee asked Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to investigate Arpaio.

NC sez:  Gordon is a democrat–that explains this call for an investigation of so called snivel rights violations! Don’t you know we must understand why the illegals bring drugs into this country?  Doncha know we have to understand why the mexican drug lords and runners have a need to kidnap innocent civilians in Phoenix, which by they way, is NOW the second highest city in the world for kidnappings due to the open borders and no profiling law?  

The lawmakers said Arpaio had exceeded the limits of a federal program that gives local police federal immigration-enforcement powers by ordering deputies to “scour” Latino neighborhoods looking for illegal immigrants based on skin color.

NC sez:  It’s so comforting to know that the gov’t, who refuse to close the border and profile, are the ones making the complaint of the success of Arpaio in his tactics.  I just love my gov’t and I trust them with my life!  

Arpaio, who was easily re-elected to a fifth term in November, called the investigation politically motivated and vowed to continue to arrest illegal immigrants.

NC sez:  Really?  I wouldn’t have never come to that conclusion Joe! Not the nice gov’t!  

“I am not going to be intimidated by the politics and by the Justice Department,” Arpaio said. “I want the people of Arizona to know this: I will continue to enforce all the immigration laws.”

NC Sez: Isn’t it sad Joe,  that the one department who claims to uphold the laws,  use the law to play politics and to intimidate?  The American people have to step up and make their voices heard  on this obvious “will to power” over others tactic by this marxist administration!   

Arpaio uses the sweeps to enforce the state’s employer-sanctions and anti-smuggling laws. He also participates in a federal program that lets local officers enforce federal immigration laws. The sweeps have taken place in mostly Latino neighborhoods or near where day laborers congregate. They have sparked two racial-profiling lawsuits.

NC Sez:  It’s too bad Arizona won’t use the 10th Amendment Rights and tell the feds to “F” off!

The Justice Department frequently receives racial-profiling complaints against police departments, but investigations are rare, said David Harris, a University of Pittsburgh law professor and racial-profiling expert.

NC sez:  And this is why this investigation against Arpaio is a joke and dangerous and politically motivated.  

“The fact that this has come to their attention and they have announced their intent to investigate is highly significant,” Harris said. “It says there is enough there to be investigated. It’s not an iffy case that (can be ignored).”

NC sez: Yeah right!  Big Bubby is watching you!   

Harris said this is the first civil-rights investigation stemming from immigration enforcement. The probe could last several months.

NC points out: Yep, big gub’ment jobs creation program! 

In a two-page letter dated Tuesday, Loretta King, acting assistant attorney general, said that if the investigation uncovers violations, her office will work with Arpaio to find remedies.

NC sez:  There is no real information on the US Justice Dept. on this “acting assistant attorney general.”  Gee, I wonder why.  

But Arpaio said he will battle the Justice Department in court if he disagrees with any of the changes the department tries to impose.

In the 1990s, the department conducted similar civil-rights investigations and found patterns of police discrimination in about 20 cases, including in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. In those cases, law-enforcement agencies agreed to significant changes aimed at preventing discrimination or face a court injunction, Harris said.

NC Sez:  The 90s?  Who was AG during most of the 90s?  WACO?  Janet Sterno!  The Elian Gonzales debacle? Janet Sterno!  Oklahoma City Bombing?  Janet Sterno! <<  she was doing a good job at protecting this country from terrorists.  The First World Trade bombings?  Janet Sterno again.  The destruction of the Towers occurred 7 months after Bush’s elections, and that couldn’t have possibly be the responsibility of Janet Sterno because there was and is no terrorist threat in America, doncha know?!  Oh, and let’s not disregard Eric Holder’s involvement back then either!  Who runs the Justice Department this round?  Eric Holder

“Once the Justice Department finds violations, the threat of going to court is usually enough to encourage them to agree to change,” Harris said. Changes have included increased supervision and changing policies, Harris said.

NC sez:  Oh the the threat of going to court is enough to force change in a successful program of profiling!  

Investigations into patterns of police discrimination are “not about punishing individual officers; they are about changing the fundamental” way an agency operates, he said.

NC Sez:  It is about threats and punishing!   Willing gub’ment power over individuals IS about sending a clear message who these people work for and who wields the power! 

Gordon, who met with King and Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Wodatch on Tuesday in Washington, praised the investigation.

“We should all be encouraged that our new attorney general is taking these issues seriously,” he said.

NC points out:  Always be warned when a gub’ment is happy to take fake charges seriously! You could be next for prosecutorial abuses.  Watch out for more of this to happen under faux-bama.

Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, the board’s lone Democrat and most vocal critic of Arpaio’s immigration policies, had planned to help deliver a petition today with 35,000 Internet signatures calling for a Justice Department investigation.

NC asks:  So where were these signatures collected? On what sites?  Marxist leaning sites like ACORN?  LaRAZA? I thought actual facts and evidence is what started investigations NOT stupid ass politically motivated internet petition sites!

“I think they’re going to find racial profiling, which is a civil-rights abuse,” said Wilcox, who was in Washington for a National Association of Counties conference. “It’s time to put a stop to them. It may cost us millions in lawsuits.”

NC points out:  Again, illegals have no Rights in this country!  America MUST BRING BACK PROFILING!  

Board Chairman Max Wilson, one of the board’s four Republicans, said he was surprised by the investigation.

NC SEZ:  Good!    A “tough on crime”  conservative will see through this political bullcrap! I say,  that all these marxists should go live in Phoenix, advertise where they live,  and where their kids go to school,  and show us Americans that there is no threat in AZ where drug lords are kidnapping people and chopping off their heads, which by they way, they learned how to do from the islamists coming through the border! Oh, i forgot,  the elitists would never actually live like the rest of us!  Bastards! 

“I know there’s been some accusations made,” he said. “I don’t know if there’s any merits to them. I’ve almost had my hands full of people making accusations without people having some solid, hard evidence to back it up.”

NC sez: Doesn’t surprise me Wilson! This behavior coming out of the so called “JUSTICE” Dept. is power trippin’ marxists swine! 



Republic reporters Dennis Wagner, Yvonne Wingett and Scott Wong contributed to this article.