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Our guest is Heather Steele from Innocent Justice Foundation who is dedicated to helping rescue children from sexual abuse. Their goal is to significantly impact and reduce child sexual abuse in the US through education on Internet crimes against children, victim legislative advocacy, and essential material support to law enforcement and governmental agencies.  

Research shows that there is nearly a 1-to-1 correlation between possessing child pornography andimages-2contact sex crimes against children. In fact, government studies show each child pornography possessor has 14-31 molestation victims on average before being caught. And the US is the #1 producer and consumer of child pornography in the world.

You can help rescue children from sexual abuse and save lives by learning more about the correlation between child pornography use and child molestation, and by supporting us as we help overwhelmed law enforcement teams on the front lines who are working to rescue as many American children as possible.

images-12NC Sez:  Through my experience working with families who have been greatly impacted by violent predatory type sex crimes, I happen to think that the government makes it very difficult to greatly reduce the number of sex crimes against ANY innocent person.  Why?  Because the government has found a way to perpetrate a never ending government jobs creation program by never finding REAL solutions to sending a strong message to sex predators that these behaviors will be dealt quickly and harshly!  

Tune in so you can listen to expanded explanation of why I believe this.