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 Michigan Senator Advocates Fairness on the Radio

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Share the Political Wealth!

by Ontologist

Since the left is hammering/yammering on the topics of sharing the wealth and the Fairness Doctrine, why not apply these two ideas to the arena of paid political advertising on broadcast media? This would be limited to the advertising by active campaigns for or against specific ballot candidates or measures, and nothing else. The political campaign would be required to put up an equal amount of money for their greatest single opposition, and the TV and radio stations would be required to provide equal time at equal rates for the opposition. It’s only fair, right? If they truly believe in sharing the wealth, then how about sharing an equal amount of the political wealth as well? Then TV watchers and radio listeners would truly be exposed to both sides of every issue or candidate on the ballot, and no campaign would be deprived of their fair share of the broadcast airwaves because of lack of money. This would be a great addition to the McCain Finance Reform Act! We would no longer need to continue paying for any further public financing of any campaigns, thereby saving the taxpayers millions in unnecessary expenses. Maybe McCain/Palin might like this idea enough to promote it! At the very least, it could be a good ballot initiative measure in your own state. What do you think?

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