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Who are we?

FreeRange Author

A lifetime Seattle resident who grows more libertarian with every new government regulation.

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Christ is the Measure

This is a blog that examines philosophy and seeks to understand current issues and events through the lens of the eternal, absolute laws and principles that were created by the eternal Word of God when He created the Heavens and the Earth (Gen 1:1-2:4, John 1:1-5,Col 1:16,17). That is why Christ is the measure of all things, and not man.


Studied in the prophetic warnings of George Orwell, he’s a frequently-irreverent, skin-pigment-challenged rogue author who exhibits the temerity to pose challenging, anti-establishment questions in hopes of sparking rogue thoughts in his readers.

A bounty has been placed upon his head by the totalitarian machine of the ideological Left, but also by an occasional megalomaniac on the Right when goring their protected swine, cloaked as sacred bovine principles (usually via rhetorical collateral damage when narcissistic, hypocritical egos become exposed).

A lifelong resident of the great Pacific Northwest, he spent his ‘wonder-years’ frolicking within the shadow of the Hanford Nuclear reservation (some would assert, undoubtedly, ‘downwind’); he now inhabits the burgeoning dystopia of the “Democratic”-controlled Soviet of Western Washington (also known as: ‘The Ministry of Goodness’).

Your steadfast ThoughtRogue received his degree in Statistics from the University of Washington, served a Cold-war stint aboard a nuclear ballistic submarine – purposefully lost somewhere beneath the frigid waves of the North Atlantic, and now fervently fritters his time away crafting searing, incisive prose – committing unmitigated thought-crimes on a relentless mission to expose our out-of-control fascistic, socialist political elite.

His inspiration draws upon a never-ending study of historical patterns, an immutable veneration for individual Liberty (sovereignty), belief in Judeo-Christian values, the incessant search for truth, naked application of reason and logic, respect for the Rule of Law, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, and a suicidal thrill of tugging away at the veil, sweeping away the noxious miasma, revealing the disturbing machinations scheming against us from behind that curtain…

No Compromises

usaisraeliflag1.jpgI STAND WITH ISRAEL AND THEIR RIGHT TO EXIST! The minute America turns her back on this nation YHWH will turn His back on us!

Psalm 122:6–Pray for the shalom of Yerushalayim. They will prosper who love you.

Genesis 12:3–I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you. In you will all of the families of the eretz be blessed.”

This is the true Religion of Peace!

Baruch Ha Shem