Hey Civilianism! This is what YOU can do with your kind of "peace!"

Hey Civilianism! This is what YOU can do with your kind of "peace!"

This morning I received a comment on one of my posts from an anti-Semite, KKKomrade Bonnie J, a Fauxbot, who decided that,  in her best interest, she would threaten MY Rights if I blaspheme “The One!”  The comment was found under my post:

Blog Talk Radio is using the Censorship Sword Again!

“A few shows on BTR were racists (I never heard of you or your show though).    I know for a fact that D**a ** S**t*’s (name partially removed per request of Smith) show was not only racist, but specifically threatened Obama on more than one occasion because I heard her language. It’s not censorship to censhor (gub’ment educated–sic) threats against the president or president- elect. She was treading on dangerous water, and things she said were nearly qualified as terrorism.  She is doing the same thing on her new show. If you talk to her, tell her she is being reported every time she says threatening things about Democrats, about the President or anyone else in government. You and she and every right-winger is now on notice. You are all being watched, and reported.  Be very aware of any threats you make.  We are listening,” Bonnie J, threatened.

I won’t do her any favors by posting her anti-Israel, anti-human, pro-terrorist and pro-Hamas blog on this blog, but I will post her IP address:

Address:    12405 Powerscourt Dr. City:       St. Louis  StateProv:  MO PostalCode: 63131

Country:    US NetRange: –  CIDR:

And as usual, boobie j gives NO specific examples of any threats that were made by my good friend De**, or myself and she won’t be able to give any examples.  This behavior is what I have experienced from certain Individuals who didn’t like what I said.  This is scary to think that obots can run around threatening people because they THINK they can, merely over disagreeable SPEECH! If my speech is taken away due to the Censorship bill or any other hate crimes legislations you can bet your speech is NEXT!

My comments back to her:

I'm inviting you on my show to voice your opinion!  Brave Enough?

Hey Bonnie J: I'm inviting you on my show to voice your opinion! Brave Enough?

Give me the specific threats you think this American made other wise shut your Fascist pie-hole.

What other elements of fascism do you like?

Because you’re threatening me, I will report you! You’re committing treason against the American people by threatening to violate ANYONE’S Constitutional Rights. My political leanings, and my creed, are just as protected by the Constitution as my skin color and my sex! So you better watch out brown-shirted, jack-booted thug!

I have some questions for you Boobi J:

What are your specific plans for peace to spontaneously break out on the earth when you go around threatening people?

Okay, Miss Civilism,  let’s have a civil dialogue and talk out our differences.  Please start by answering the following questions if “The One” has given you enough slack on your chains and permission to speak:

  • Define Hate, Equality, tolerance, diversity, discrimination and what is a “gay right”?
  • What authority do you have to coerce people to think and act like you?
  • Where do your Rights come from, honey????
  • Are there any elements of fascism which you abhor and for what reason?
  • Do you wish your mother aborted you, or are you thankful she gave you the gift of life?
  • Are you into Eugenics like so many other Leftards?
  • Are you just a barbarian,  or do you live by liberal principles; and if so what are they?
  • Define Palestine, and how long have they been in existence as a people group?
  • How do you explain that your messiah continues to bomb the innocents in Pakistan?
  • What promises has Faux-bama kept?

Let me remind my readers that during the campaign, and up to the election, conservatives were being harassed by statists within the Missouri government from where this fascist operates.

This is their dream: to control YOU from cradle to grave!


Is this the kind of thuggery YOU want for your Country?  Is this the kind of “peace” that you want  hurled down on YOUR heads?  Is this your vision for America? This is a perfect example of what college kids are being taught in tax funded colleges and k-12 schools!

Should America be so proud of this attempted totalitarian imperialism over the human mind and soul? We should ALL be very concerned!